Fifth Annual

Manu O Kū Festival 2020

Saturday, May 16, 2020

‘Iolani Palace Coronation Grounds.

Join us in Honolulu on the Coronation Lawn for a day of fun and educational activities as we celebrate Honolulu’s official bird, the Manu O Kū.

The Manu O Kū Festival is a keiki and family-friendly event for all ages. Games and activities will engage participants in learning about the Manu O Kū.

FREE and open to the public!


Photos above, courtesy of Darcy Fiero Photography, and below, Rich Downs and Don C. Poole

Manu O Kū

Manu O Kū is the Hawaiian name for the White or Fairy Tern. 

In Hawaiian, manu means bird and Kū refers to one of the four great Hawaiian gods.

These small seabirds are found across the tropical oceans of the world, and on the remote Northwesterh Hawaiian Islands.  Here on Oahu, they thrive and raise their young only on southern O‘ahu. In 2007, the City and County of Honolulu designated the Manu O Kū the city’s official bird.

The Manu O Kū is the perfect urban wildlife ambassador.