Project Description

Welcome,  E komo mai!

It’s Hawaiian Culture Day at the 2020 Virtual Manu O Kū Festival!

Photo Exhibition

Each day at the festival, we will showcase 20 incredible photos in a montage.
These beautiful photos of the Manu O Kū were graciously provided by talented photographers, for our festival.

Please use these photos only for educational purposes, and remember that all rights are reserved by the photographers, as copyright holders and you should contact them directly if you wish to purchase or use their work.

What is the story of the Manu O Kū?

Hear Makahiapo Cashman, the Director of UH Manoa Ka Papa Lo’i O Kanewai, tell the story of Manu O Kū and Maui!

Now that you’ve listened to the ancient Hawaiian story, try your hand at our crossword puzzle!

Topic: Manu O Kū and Maui!

1. Ten are at the lo'i
2. Cook Islands name
3. It helped the blind woman’s eyes to see
4. Friend to birds
5. Ina
6. He was asked to help make fire
7. Grandfather
8. Where the sticks of fire were thrown
9. Burned by Maui
10. Preferred place for Manu O Ku to nest and lay eggs

Did You Know?

If you’re out on the water, paying close attention to the Manu O Kū can help you navigate!

Hear from Polynesian Voyaging Society volunteer, Darienne Dey, about how seafarers are guided by Manu O Kū.
Clue #1: it’s about watching at specific times of the day.
Clue #2:  You’ll need to know where they sleep, and where they eat!