Today, we talk about Trees!


Because that’s where the beautiful Manu O Kū nest and raise their young.

You’ve just got to see this tree!

You can see it in the background –  it takes up the whole background!
It’s huge, old and…in an…unusual setting.

Do you know where this exceptional tree is?
Hint: thousands see it everyday (when we’re not in covid lockdown).  

Keith Swindle of US Fish & Wildlife takes us out to meet with Steven Nimz, the arborist who has been working with this tree since the 1970s!

Now that you’ve watched the video with Steve Minz, try your hand at our crossword puzzle!
Test your Knowledge!

[game-crossword id=”1488″ ]

Photo Exhibition

Each day at the festival, we will showcase new, incredible photos in a montage.
These beautiful photos of the Manu O Kū were graciously provided by talented photographers, for our festival.

Please use these photos only for educational purposes, and remember that all rights are reserved by the photographers, as copyright holders and you should contact them directly if you wish to purchase or use their work.

The new best management practices for Manu o Ku breeding sites discussed in this video provide newly revised guidance for the tree care professionals who maintain the trees the terns breed in. They are based on our current understanding of the important relationship between the terns, the trees they breed in and those who maintain them and are intended to enhance the tree care communityʻs ability to maintain our trees while preserving our Manu o Ku.