How can we all help?

Conservation: Habitat and Trees
Rescue: Save birds, nuture, release
Environmental Policy: advocacy and awareness

Today we’ll visit with some people and organizations that help rescue ailing Manu O Kū!

Supporting these organizations helps support the white terns of Hawaii.
And, it feels good to be part of something good – especially right now when we all feel a little disconnected, and need cheering up!

Watch the Honolulu Zoo’s soft release of a rescued bird!

Find out more!

Watch out before trimming up trees!

A Manu O Ku nest could be up there!

Can you find the Manu O Ku’s favorite nesting trees in our wordsearch?

[game-wordsearch id=”1578″ ]

Photo Exhibition

Each day at the festival, we have been showcasing up to 20 incredible photos in a daily montage.
These beautiful photos of the Manu O Kū were graciously provided by talented photographers, for our festival, and we’ll have the complete exhibition on permanent display on our main Festival Page, starting tomorrow!

Please use these photos only for educational purposes, and remember that all rights are reserved by the photographers, as copyright holders and you should contact them directly if you wish to purchase or use their work.

Susan Scott, volunteer and author, shares her experiences with you, right here at the Festival!